Door Access

Keeping doors secure is a priority for any business. For a variety of reasons traditional locks and keys aren’t always the answer for a number of businesses.

That’s why Alarmlink USA offers a wide variety of door access and security systems from leading manufacturers like Paxton. Paxton offers a vast product range including IP, wireless, and battery powered access control solutions that provide reliable security no matter what your particular business requirements are.

AlarmLink USA is proud to offer Paxton BLU to our clients. Paxton BLU is a cloud-based access control system. The system can be managed from anywhere via any Internet connected PC or smart device.

Paxton BLU offers a flexible approach to site security as it can be configured without a local server and is therefore ideal for a range of applications, including remote or unmanned sites, where previously access control has not been an option.

Paxton BLU also offers the added benefit of a dealer managed system, allowing user and site administration to be conducted without repeat visits.

  • Flexibility – customer convenience
  • Cloud based – access from anywhere with internet connection, via PC or smart device
  • Ideal for a range of sites, including where traditional access control is not an option
  • Ultimate flexibility – multi-user, multi-site
  • Highly scalable – secure thousands of sites
  • Simplicity – get the job done quicker
  • Simple set up with no local server required
  • Simple token administration, onsite or remotely
  • Quick, hassle free install
  • No network or IT support needed with 3G Modem option
  • Security – offers peace of mind
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services™, offering complete security
  • No manual back up needed, no concerns about a server failure

How it works

Paxton BLU Master Controllers can control up to two doors and have optional cellular capability with the purchase of a Paxton BLU 3G Modem Kit. Sites can be expanded with additional Paxton BLU Expansion Controllers to secure up to 50 doors per Paxton BLU Master Controller. The Paxton BLU software allows for the logical grouping of controllers, in conjunction with compatible readers and access tokens, it provides the ability to secure over 10,000 sites

Paxton Access Inc. is a global brand of IP access control and door systems, with 30 years’ industry experience. Paxton Access Inc. is well positioned to provide both the installer and the end-user with innovative access control solutions to make their lives easier.

Paxton offer a vast product range including IP, wireless and battery powered access control solutions to provide reliable security for any site requirement. The company pay exceptional attention to the development of high quality products and customer care, ensuring they consistently bring advanced solutions to market. Paxton build systems that are easy to configure, install and implement and every product is backed by a no quibble five year warranty and total customer support.

Paxton systems are easy to configure, install, and implement and every product is backed by a no hassle five-year warranty and total customer support.

If your business needs to upgrade your door access systems give AlarmLink USA a call. Our factory-certified installers will ensure that you get the right system for your needs with local service and incredible value.

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