Commercial Burglar Alarms

The security of your business is something that we take seriously.

No business owner wants to deal with hassle, paperwork, and general disruption that a break-in or theft can cause. That’s why no matter the size of your business an alarm system is just a prudent choice. Alarm systems reduce the likelihood of a break-in by over 50% and may reduce insurance rates.

At AlarmLink USA we don’t just throw a cookie-cutter system on the wall for your business. We make sure that we listen and do a thorough assessment of your business’s needs and then create a custom system that protects your business and fits your budget.

Smoke Detector

Provides ultimate protection of life and property and can be professionally monitored 24/7.

Door/Window Sensor

Low-profile devices provide superior protection for doors and windows.

Motion Detector

Can detect an intruder’s movement .

Glassbreak Detector

Listens for the sound of breaking glass and provides an excellent first line of defense against intruders.


Alerts you to alarm conditions with a loud siren and a bright, flashing colored strobe light.

Two-Way Wireless Key

Provides easy, fingertip control of security, lights and other devices and visually indicates system status with a bi-color LED.

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